Happy holidays to you all and welcome Yoda!

Wow where has the year gone? We at the Institute would like to wish you a safe, refreshing and joyous festive season. Thank you for all your support, deeply appreciated and we hope to see you soon – Sydney, Bali or Vietnam possibly?

Personally it’s been a year of new togetherness for Chris and I as we bought an apartment and renovated. Boy I had to find a Project Management part.

Who knew what about kitchen renovations!

We are sad for the loss of our dear cat Taneisha, and her dear friends Pepi the Chihuahua and Apollo the German Shepard may they be in the light at peace.

Plus in Australia we are dealing with huge bush fires that are wreaking havoc. Our hearts go out to all those affected.

To all the worldwide firefighters thank you

As a Facebook post said so eloquently ” May the tears you cried in 2019 water the seeds you’re planting for 2020.” A nice reminder out of grief there is often growth.

Here is my early Christmas present from my darling husband Chris – welcome little Yoda out of Shiloh, who’s mum was Cherub, who’s mum was Taneisha. Little kitten blessings he’s resting now on my lap,purring away, having played himself out.

Yoda Bali Yodi says Hi!

With love and light, Philipa, Chris and Yvette xox

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