Miracles of the Mind Roy Hunter Online

Hello beautiful Part Therapists, we had a lovely gathering with the amazing Roy Hunter as part of the Resource Therapy Online Mastery Series.

What a master speaker Roy is! That’s his words – Miracles of the Mind, I had to use it.

Delightful. He’s coming back again too.

We were all entranced with his wonderful therapy learnings and lived experience as a global presenter, Hypnotherapy and Parts Therapy trainer with decades of knowledge.

He spoke of his parts and their transformations. Roy really does walk the talk. So have fun and enjoy the replay here :

Resource Therapy Online Mastery Series

Head on over to Resource Therapy Institute YouTube Channel for the replay:

Topic: Roy Hunter talks Parts Therapy with Philipa Thornton
Date: Aug 30, 2020, 09:29 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney :https://youtu.be/P-5ub8q9fbM

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