Congratulations to the Super Team of Magic Therapists!

Celebration lunch with our Magic Resource Therapists!

Hugely inspired and so happy to welcome our latest Clinical Resource Therapy graduates into the Resource Therapy community. A big shout out to this wonderful group.

Clinical Resource Therapy Graduates - are welcomed by the Resource Therapy Community
Clinical Resource Therapy Graduates – are welcomed by the Resource Therapy Community

Coming from diverse areas of experience and expertise – Somatic Experiencing, DBT, Schema Therapy, Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Psychology, Trauma Informed, Client Centred and EMDR trained. These beautiful shiny Clinical Resource Therapists have another amazing power tool in their therapy toolbox! Resource Therapy will fit in so well to your skillset.

See what other mental health professionals have said about the training here

As Clinical Resource Therapists we qualify to be listed with Resource Therapy International. This is the official governing body of Resource Therapy Worldwide headed by President Professor Gordon Emmerson, I am Vice President. It’s a great idea to get your website and therapy practice on as many website listing as possible, Google loves this for website rankings.

Resource Therapy Training Workshops are fun and you will learn powerful techniques to help your clietns
Resource Therapy Training Workshops are fun way to learn powerful Parts Therapy techniques to help your clients

Advanced Clinical/ Train the Trainer 5 day Workshop Sydney

The Next Level of Training March 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 2020

For the first time ever the Resource Therapy Institute will offer the Advanced Clinical and Train the Trainer workshop in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Jump to the page here for workshop dates and fees – special discounts apply we reward action

We may have one spot left for the Foundation Training in November 18/19.

Yours in Gratitude,


Welcome Our Latest Foundation Graduates!!

A warm welcome to our May Sydney Resource Therapy Graduates joining the Resource Therapy community.

Please join me in a hip hip hooray for our wonderful group of new graduates who have completed the Introductory Resource Therapy training workshop in Sydney.

Welcome to the Resource Therapy Community!

It was such an honour to meet you all. We had psychologists, psychotherapists and a couple counsellor join us. It’s great to have a wide variety of people who will be able to apply Rt into their therapy work. The live demonstrations are where you really get to see RT in action. I love doing this therapy. It’s fun and will fit into any of your tool kits really well. Exceptionally useful for ACT and Mindfulness practitioners.

Resource Therapy is a brief trauma informed Parts therapy - Sydney training available
Resource Therapy is a brief trauma informed Parts therapy – Sydney training available
Couples counsellor trains in Resource Therapy
Yay! Resource Therapy Grad!

We’d love to show you how RT works for your clients highest good and have fun meeting new lovely people. Being trauma informed, strength-based and solution oriented it ticks a lot of good therapy boxes for gold standard treatment. Respectful and playful, come and see the results for yourself!

We have one last Foundation August 18/19 Sydney for the yearso you can come and join us!

Clinical Dates

September 19, 20, 21, 22

October 24, 25, 26, 27 

All the training above will be held in Randwick NSW 2031.

Hurry to secure you place as numbers strictly limited. Please contact me for investment early bird option available . We also have payment plans to secure your place. Of course you might want to get make the most of the end of financial year too!

Parts therapy Sydney training
Yay Resource Therapists !
Resource Therapy is a brief trauma informed Parts therapy - Sydney training available
Yay! Resource Therapy makes us smile!

Such a joy Resource Therapy brings us all a big smile!

Here is the Foundation Training INfo

So pick up the phone, email me today to join us!

Vaded in Rejection Series Video 3 now up on YouTube

Vaded States live in a prison of low self worth, anxiety and shame. Resource Therapy heals and promotes internal value.

Here is the next installment for our Vaded Series. States Vaded in Rejection are one of the most common issues I deal with in my therapy office. I’ll bet you have seen many clients too. I love how inspiring and restorative this psychological and emotional work is.

States Vaded in Rejection are a huge part of trauma and anxiety.
These States often have caregiver Introject who was conditionally loving

You can spot a state Vaded in Rejection a mile off, as you hear “I am never good enough, no matter what I do I still feel like a fraud.”

Sometimes it’s a terribly deep sense of feeling unlovable and it’s a burden carried for years, leaving person emotionally crippled in their lives. Often they are experiencing problematic relationships in love, at work and in their lives,

Attachment disorder works in parallel with States Vaded in Rejection. Healing these usually younger Resource State is truly rewarding and empowering to our clients who consult us.

Happy adults are free from value judgements and shame from the past.

Click the link below to access the Resource Therapy Institute’s Channel:

Thanks for reading and watching. Love to hear about your work with States Vaded in Rejection – drop a comment below. Philipa