Intergenerational Bridging Program – Leaving the Legacy of Trauma

As we know from the research, in Australia the Blue Knot Foundation, in the US the ACE studies trauma can be passed from generation to generation. Trigger warning this post deals with themes of trauma and abuse.

Life patterns of pain and abuse replicate and can repeat throughout our family systems. Rather like a faulty software program, that has a bug in code writing, in this case our very DNA.

We unwittingly select someone who has the traits of those who have been unjust, exerted power, and control possibly even hurt us.

It’s almost as if the brain recognizes these familiar ( if unhealthy) attractions.

We partner up with someone who is abusive as don’t recognize the red flags of unhealthy behavior.

Our clients ignore these signposts, instead focussing on the charismatic parts of their partner. Noting how they are sorry, and remorseful after each episode of anger. Only to have it repeat.

Our fight, flight, freeze or fawn adapted parts come to the fore. Limiting our ability to respond effectively.

Working with victims of crime, and years ago, with the health department in drug and alcohol services, this is what I saw and see many of my clients experiencing.

I’d imagine you might too. More so if like me, you are a couples therapist.

This can be a challenging pattern to break, trauma bonds tightly held. Yet it is possible to do.

Resource Therapy has several techniques which achieve a disconnection from these life stories of harm and hurt.

One very powerful protocol is the Vaded in Confusion Actions taught in the Clinical Program offered at the Institute and worldwide. Please see details of our training programs here

We need to have a tool kit that is able to release the repetitions and legacies of painful pasts.

I have developed the Inter-generational Bridge. Repairing past ruptures in our historical timelines for our future generations healing.

Allowing neural connections and possibly changing our DNA, unwinding the genetic code.

It would be great to share this with you. While I love to be inclusive, as this is a specialty master class for mental health professionals.

It is recommended that you are a Clinical Resource Therapist, trauma specialist, Advanced EMDR Practitioner,, or Clinical Hypnotherapist with sufficient training to reprocess trauma.

Counseling students may apply, with the proviso – don’t attempt this at home. Please contact me to see if this will be a good fit for your therapeutic toolbox.

We will be holding the Inter-generational Bridging Program – Leaving the Legacy of Trauma soon, please register your interest.

Super value please contact me, sponsorship places with discounts available if you are unable to attend due to financial difficulty given COVID 19.

It will be recorded so you don’t have to attend live. Please send me an email or call me for more details.

Can we heal attachment and trauma injury and issues throughout the generations?

I believe so. We are Changologists.

I love to hear your thoughts please share on social media to others who would be interested and benefit. We love to hear from you, please drop me a comment below and we can chat on this important topic.

leaving the legacy ofhurt,  healing is possible come and learn how with Philiipa Thornton's Inter-generational Bridging Program

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