Less Than 24 Hours to Go!


It is finally (almost) starting!

The NLP Masters Summit is going to go LIVE On October 27th and I cannot wait for it to start!

On the 26th there will be the Opening Session and you really should attend it!

You will have an amazing opportunity not only to learn more about Neuro Linguistic Programming but also about the human mind and psyche!

Resource Therapy is a complete therapy encompassing a theory of personality and therapy. Although designed as a standalone model, naturally it will fit in easily with your existing therapy toolkit.

This year there will be over 30+ excellent speakers and I am honored to be one of them!

So why is a Resource Therapist presenting at this conference you might ask?

I don’t want you to miss out on this valuable therapy and what it can do for your clients. Eugen originally asked me to present at the Hypnosis Summit, however, I was too busy. Gordon Emmerson presented Resource Therapy there last year – so I knew I was in good company sharing RT with this community.

Watch out for the next NLP Master Summit coming up! The Calendar is finally here and it’s full of great presentations from all your favorite experts.

You’ll have to check this one out if you’re looking forward to learning more about how NLP can help you and your clients or patients. These presentations will help improve performance at work or home, as well as discovering new ideas that might spark inspiration and transformation!

And you can get your own copy of the NLP Masters Summit Calendar from HERE

PSST: I will be presenting on Day 6 November 1 of the summit at 3 am AEST better in Europe times, so make sure to save the time and date in your calendar. 🙂

After you download the Calendar you will find all the presentations from these amazing speakers!

For each one you can see:

    •    Speaker’s Name

    •    Title of Presentation

    •    Day of Presentation

    •    Hour of presentation


The Opening Session will take place on October 26th at 5 PM UK Time (12.00 EST); you DON’T want to miss it. In other words, you would really want to be there for the Opening session because Eugen has prepared some super cool gifts for you.

Here is what will be covered in the Opening Session:

– How and where you will access the presentations

– The Ruffle –  where you can WIN Prizes: Free LIFETIME Access to the Premium Pass for 3 lucky winners

– The Contest we prepared for you. Give the right answer and you will win Lifetime Access to the Summit

– Q&A about the NLP Masters Summit and much more!

You will get a link to the LIVE Opening Session on Tuesday and Wednesday and, of course, we will notify you via email and in the Facebook Group HERE

Let’s get into action now! Click HERE and download the Calendar and the Playbook right now.

After you have done so and checked the presentations, reply back to me and let me know what the top 3 presentations YOU are looking forward to watching!

PS: After you click on the link above, you will arrive on a page where you will click on the Green Button to get the Calendar and then you fill out the form with your name and email.

The download link will be sent to you in an email so make sure to type your email correctly 🙂

See you at the summit!

Resource Therapy teaches us to work with the Part with the Problem for laser fast results.

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